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Top 10 Must Try Foodie Spots in Ottawa

Sometimes, you just have to indulge yourself with a delicious meal. After a busy work week, you finally can’t decide what to cook or what to eat. Quarantine has made us love our food more as it gives us comfort and a whole new level of happiness. So you’re home and you’re now wondering what to order. If you’re in Ottawa or visiting Ottawa, you must try these 10 spots that will fulfill your taste of heaven.

10. Pomelo Hat

From acai bowls, smoothie bowls to milk tea and boba, Pomelo Hat offers these mouth watering options made from real fruit. They also source their ingredients from local suppliers and are 100% vegan. Check out their menu. They offer curbside pickup and delivery on Ubereats, Doordash and

9. El Camino

If you’re looking for the best tacos in the city, you came to the right place. They also offer gluten-free food choices. Their nachos and guacamole are to die for. This restaurant was hailed as #2 Traveller’s Choice in 2020 for TripAdvisor, El Camino is a Mexican restaurant that everyone should check out! Are you ready to order yet? El Camino only offer takeouts at the moment and online ordering is available through this site, click here. Visit their Facebook page, click here and Instagram page.

8. Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade takes their dessert to another level. Origination from Hongkong, this fusion restaurant is something to watch out for! Their innovation for fusion desserts will capture your taste buds. Not only do they offer sumptuous desserts, they also offer scrumptious lunches and dinners! Check Sugar Marmalade Ottawa’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram page! You may order from UberEats, SkiptheDishes and Doordash. What are you waiting for? Look at these selections!

7. Kanata Noodle House

Ready to feed your umami taste bud? You should order at Kanata Noodle House. This restaurant specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From stirfrys, spring rolls to pho, they offer an extensive menu with a large variety of noodle, rice and soup dishes from popular Vietnamese cuisine including selections in seafood, chicken, beef, and pork, well as vegetarian options. Are you drooling already? Check out their Facebook page. They just launched their online ordering system on their website for Carling location and Kanata location. What are you going to get?

6. Gyubee Japanese Grill

Craving for an all-you-can eat barbeque? Gyubee Japanese Grill is now in Ottawa! According to their website, their wide selection of quality and fresh ingredient offerings, they ensure that everyone can enjoy the generosity of the art of Japanese barbecue β€” all with a personal flair.​ They offer curbside pickup, takeout and delivery through Ubereats, SkiptheDishes and guess what, dine-in! You should definitely check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

5. Bite Burger House

Burgers like no other! Bite Burger House offers handcrafted burgers with locally-sourced ingredients. According to them. “The Bite experience features premium service in a comfortable setting, accented by a unique and ever-changing selection of craft beers, fine wines and specialty cocktails.

Owners Glen & Bettina have designed a high end twist on an old concept. This includes using local meats and cheeses and in house made sauces. Bite is based on bringing back basic comfort food with added flavor profiles while offering unique drinks. Visit their Facebook and Instagram.

They’re located at Byward Market and Orleans. Ready to order these mouth watering burgers?

4. Tomo Restaurant

Sushi cravings? Tomo creates a wide array of pan-Asian dishes using the finest ingredients. This restaurant offer weekly Japanese special cuisines with the freshest ingredients from east and west coast of Canada. You can order online through Ubereats and SkipTheDishes and reserve online at and Also you can visit their Facebook and Instagram page.

3. The Smoque Shack

Established in 2011, The Smoque Shack provides a menu drawing from the best of the best in the BBQ genre, such as Texas Brisket, North Carolina Pulled Pork, Tennessee BBQ Chicken, Jamaican Jerk, as well as smoked seafood, and unique and traditional sandwiches.

Visit their Facebook and Instagram page for a wide selection of yummyness! Only takeouts are available for now due to the pandemic but hey, it’s worth the drive!

2. Pirho Grill

This restaurant’s roots stemmed from Greece, and highlights meal time traditions. The founders grew up immersed in Greek traditions, and after travelling throughout Europe and Greece, they were inspired to build a restaurant that emphasizes togetherness, a time to tell stories, and to share love for one another.

With a variety of fresh, healthful and conscious true food, Pirho’s kitchen prepared meals has is a one of a kind experience. You deserve to enjoy those precious moments and connect with your loved ones, in real life, with true food with the freshest ingredients.

Online ordering is available through this link. They’re also open for walk-in and takeout orders. Curbside pickup is also available and delivery through Ubereats. With three locations in Ottawa. you can’t just get enough! Don’ forget to drop by on their Facebook page for Pirho Elgin, Pirho Kanata, and Pirho Barrhaven and plus their Instagram page.

Ready to order your first bowl?

  1. Sansotei Ramen

With two locations in Centretown and Merivale, this ramen is a must visit when craving for that authentic Japanese noodle soup. Simplicity and consistency with their menu makes Ottawans line up and wait in the cold just to have a taste of this delicious ramen. They only accept takeouts and UberEats deliveries at the moment because of the pandemic but I kid you not, it is well worth it! Visit their Facebook page and Instagram account!

So which one did you order?


Filipino-Canadian. Lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Full time frontliner, part-time scribbler.

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